Classes online and otherwise

My online Zoom classes are on a Monday 7pm and Wednesday 2pm (75 minutes), £8 per session. There is also an option of attending both classes in one week for £10.
Please contact me if you haven’t booked using my website as I’ll need to set you up (this is to allow me to restrict access to existing students).
It’s been quite a process from initially being really resistant to the idea of online classes at the beginning of this lockdown..... to trying out some online classes (as a student) of teachers I admire and trust..... to setting up my own online yoga classes. I confess it felt strange to begin with, but with practice using Zoom is beginning to feel like a good way of keeping in contact with each other and continuing the activities we love while confined to our homes. With a bit of practice - it’s a fairly intuitive and user friendly online platform to use.
Initially I’m restricting these classes to my existing students (you’ll need to message me if you’re not already signed up) and then at some point in the future I’ll look at opening these online classes to other students.
Ivan has been updating my yoga website (and we’ll continue to do so). Feedback from my gentle yoga students is welcome.
Given how unpredictable things are at the moment and how we’re needing to be adaptable - we’ve set up payment to buying as many sessions as suits you. The advantage for me of online classes is that - I’m not needing to book a hall several months ahead and I’m not restricted by how many mats will fit in a room. It also offers the opportunity for students to continue their yoga even in a lockdown.
Please be assured that I will restart my classes as normal (in various venues in Berko and Hemel) once we get the go ahead and I’ll message everyone at this point. The only change is that I’ll no longer be teaching at BAYoga studio. 
Given the advantages that online classes offer students I’ll be looking at continuing to run these as an added option of choice (for those who find this suits them).